Mylar Marsupial

  • Description

    Mylar Marsupial

    16" x .8" x 20"

    Acrylic on canvas

    "Litter and Animals" series

    Did you know 10% of released balloons fall back down and become litter? Specifically, Mylar balloons can take YEARS to break down. During that time, animals such as sea turtles and birds can mistake these balloons for food and ingest them or become entangled leading to death.Litter is a major concern for our world's wildlife. The most common litter found during clean-up efforts is fast food waste. This cardboard and plastic can take years to decompose and during that time, wildlife can consume these materials. When plastics are consumed, animals can die. These plastics, when ingested, also give off harmful toxins that can then be consumed by humans. My series "Litter and Animals" is aimed to bring awareness to the litter and trash that covers Earth, and what we can do to aide in the cleanup of our home that we share with so many other creatures around the world.

    Painting is on a professionally wrapped gallery profile splined canvas.

    Sides are painted white. Framing is not needed. Painting comes ready to hang with gallery wire.


    Signed by artist on front corner and a signed certificate of authenticity is included.