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About Emily

"I have found that we are as much different as the same, and that this beauty spares us from boredom. While we each sometimes might sleepwalk through a constant, overwhelming and fluid demonstration of the variety and vivaciousness in life, sometimes as an artist I am fortunate to be awake for glimpses into pictures that are worth many words, and my paintings are what I would share of that with you"

Emily Powell lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband, Forrest and her two boys, Grayson and Ethan.   

She is a professional painter who draws from a reservoir of appreciation and meaning that she finds in her subjects. She primarily works in acrylics and oils, with themes of femininity, abstraction of elements in nature, and occasionally powerful equine figures. The rich colors in her mediums evoke a panorama of her experiences as an aquatic life behavioral researcher for MOTE Marine Laboratory in Florida, while the vibrant women she shapes on canvas each speak for themselves in volumes that words sometimes serve as a lesser manner of communicating.

Emily's previous works have been featured in her solo show at The Gallery of Pranayoga- The Female Figure: An Exploration of Feminine Form and Empowerment, conveying the reservoir of confidence and endurance required of modern women. Just as strength in any figure is not garish or loud, the subjects intentionally represent a subtle change of femininity that can be easy to miss or simplified because we all share similarities. She also had her work projected during the Mikautadze Dance Theatre's 10th Anniversary Performance. She is an avid proponent of charity and has donated artworks to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Fernbank Museum Charity Fundraiser, and an original piece to Global Conservation Force.

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